The United States of America becomes one of the most visited countries in the world. There are many reasons of why people came into this country, such as looking for jobs, a new place to live, vacation, and much more. However, before you even think about stepping your foot on the land of the USA, you need to get the USA visa beforehand. However, it’s not an easy task due to the America itself has almost overpopulated already. Furthermore, there are so many illegal immigrants as well. That’s why the US government makes it difficult for many people to get the US visa. However, the US visa processing website, the esta usa visa wants to share some tips on how to increase your chance of getting the US visa.

Here are the tips that we’d like to share:

1. Follow all of the regulations

It’s obvious and sounds simple. However, the USA embassy never takes this matter lightly. It’s very vital for each applicant to follow every single rule that has been made by the USA government. There is no shortcut for getting the visa for everyone. That’s why it’s not recommended for you to do anything fishy in order to get the visa without any problem.

2. Your financial condition

In order to do a one time two-way trip to the America as a tourist, you need at least US$5221. That’s why, for your own safety, the US embassy won’t likely give the VISA to the people in the weak financial condition. It has to be done in order to make sure that each tourist or immigrant doesn’t get broke in the US and can’t pay the cost for going home.

3. Attending an event in the US

If you’re going to attend an event in the USA officially, then it’d be better for you to ask your event organizer to send you a sponsor letter, although it cannot guarantee the approval for your visa, it will increase your chance to get the visa.