As one of the new town, which is a division of the District Banten, South Tangerang has tremendous potential. Many areas are growing very rapidly in the city that led by Mrs. Airin as the mayor. Well for those who live in South Tangerang city, they can improve a very deep sense of pride. If you want to see the latest news about South Tangerang, kindly visit

It can not be denied anymore, one of the cities that more developed in the homeland that is South Tangerang. You just try to see every region in South Tangerang like Bintaro and Serpong they build and continue to build to make a very beautiful area and good for a place to live.

Another thing that you can tell about South Tangerang is, the access from South Tangerang to Jakarta is very easy. You can pass the toll if you have a car, or if you are lazy to involved in a jam, you can take the train.