Wedding Photography has some similarities with portrait photography, but there are different that wedding photography is a series of images that is able to tell from the beginning to the end of the procession of the wedding procession. Figure out what will we put on the album front to rear begian should really we fikirkan well. Wedding photography will always involve the groom, women, families and guests. Capture the moment of marriage certainly is not kidding because the moment only lasts a lifetime. Some basic knowledge is necessary we speak, some very common mistakes also need to avoid. Here are some tips on wedding photography so that we get a charming picture in a very special moment.

Always watched the spotlights in close proximity could interfere with the comfort of the bride and groom. With their telephoto lens, they will not be interrupted and will be able to issue a natural expression than ever aware of the position of the camera. 200 mm telephoto lens would be very suitable. 50 mm telephoto prime lens will also work very well because it is able to produce a narrow depth of field. This lens is also excellent in low-light conditions and fast lenses included in the category, especially in matters of focusing.

For more than 150 years of white shirts have become a mainstay includes up to modern times as it is today. It is not without reason that the color white represents purity. So when the camera is faced with all-white clothing, the light meter will take it as something that is light when it was just white and the camera will tend to compensate so that the white color looks darker. Fixing the exposure compensation is a surefire step to resolve the issue. Wedding photography is certainly very opposite of street photography. In all the walking street photography is and we just follow, the wedding photography all require planning, some sacred moment we need to know the hour, session of the bride and groom as well as several other important moments that have been scheduled.