Choosing furniture for a minimalist home is not as easy as we imagine. You need to think in many ways, both aesthetics, and function. Included in choosing a sofa for the living room. Because the living room is the main room that can show the tastes of the owner’s house. By looking at the living room, the whole character of the house is also unpredictable. First, Sofa clean white to brown warm – can not be denied if the white color gives the impression of a clean and more spacious. However, if you want your living room to seem warm, you can beautify your living room by selecting a color with shades of brown. In choosing the color of the sofa, you should adjust the color of the walls, such as those used in the tutorial click here. Not necessarily the same, but at least you should be good for mixing and matching colors. Color gray and black is a neutral color that can be applied to various types of wall color. The color red is synonymous with a burning passion. The color red is often used as an accent and reinforce a room.

If you want the peace, then you can use the couch in blue. The color blue is associated with the color of the sky and sea colors provide an atmosphere of peace, harmony, tranquility and protection. If you want to increase the aura of coolness in your living room, then you can use the color green because this color is invisible to the eye can be confused with natural colors. This color gives a sense of harmony, relaxation, reduce stress, soothing and calming. As for the impression of a cheerful and energetic homeowner, you can use the color yellow shows that these colors depict energy, strength, joy, passion until it luxury. The yellow color can give suggestions on the full energetic activity. To give the impression of warmth and friendly, it helps you choose a color orange color because it illustrates something warm, enthusiasm, energy, cheerful and uplifting. This color also gives a strong impression on the elements that are considered important.