Walleye Fishing Guide in Idaho – There are several lures that recommended to catch the walleye fish. Even though the walleye is a type of fish with the large appetite, using the popular lures will give an angler higher chances to catch this Canadian fish. Here are the lures that recommended for the walleye fishing :

Fishing by using the jigs

The most common lure to be used in the walleye fishing is the jigs. It helps the angler to reach the ideal depth where the walleyes were lived. There are so many anglers that have hooked the tip of their jig with the live bait in order to increase its attractiveness and scent. Each time of the year will require the different work of a jig. When the temperature of the water is cold and the fishes are swimming slowly, use the slower presentation. The little and short retrieve taps are the most very promising. In the warmer water condition, try to move the jig with more intense movement. For both of the water temperature, you’ll always need to cast the jig, let it sink until it reaches the bottom, and then move the jigs to attract the walleye according to the technique for each water temperature at the time.

The slip sinker type rigs

The walleye is popular for its habit that’s biting a live bait and then abandon it after the fish felt any kind of opposition. This type of jigs won’t allow the walleye to feel the opposition even in the slightest and allows the angler to reel in the fish to the surface, while the fish itself is busy eating the bait and get hooked.

That’s it for the lures of the walleye fishing. Remember that the walleyes are often to strike the live bait, and requires different jigs for each season. Each season also has its own recommended bait too. Don’t be hesitate to ask the experts for other tips to catch the monster-size walleye.