There are several shortcomings that are being complained by those who have ever used 3D pens. First, 3D printers require heat to melt the filament, making it less safe to use. Then, there are not many colour options that we can take as an advantage. To read more review about 3D pens, you can visit

Those are two weaknesses that were successfully removed by CreoPop. 3D printing pen CreoPop is the first that does not use heat to melt the plastic material. That way there is no odour when using it, do not need to be always plugged into a power source and is safe for use by everyone – including your baby.

The 3D printer is different from the usual melting PLA or ABS plastic material at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius and CreoPop utilises light-sensitive photopolymer technology. By using the ‘ink’ that has been prepared by the developer, ultraviolet light build-in in CreoPop will convert it into solid matter.