There is a big confusion after the keyword research and competition analysis have done. Which keyword you’ve chosen? How many did you have to put it in the content? How to use the keyword itself? It’s useless to do the hours and hours or even days of research if we don’t know how to choose the best keyword and the way to use it. That’s what article rewriter tool review are going to show you.

1. Analyzing the difficulty level

First, we need to know about the level of the difficulty. We would discuss the manual way to do this.

Analysis level 1 – Filter the keywords with the relatively high volume

Due to the vast numbers of the keywords, then we need to diminishing it first. That’s why the ones with the least volumes are being hidden. We would search for the ones with the relatively high volume. The volume itself is completely up to you. This is depending on each person, so we won’t give you the exact number.

Analysis level 2 – Getting the difficulty value

Now we would like to analyze the remaining keywords. You can do this by using the Google Sheets or the Microsoft Excel After you’ve analyzed them, don’t forget to always record the result.

The automatic analysis – with the term explorer

This one is far easier :

1. Click the Keyword analyzer menu on the upper part, click “start a keyword analyzer project.”

2. Paste the keyword from the Excel or the Google Sheets file that you’ve saved.

3. Before you click the “start project” button you need to change the country.

Wait for awhile and after it’s done, click the download CSV, then you can open it in the Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Compared to the manual ways, TermExplorer would generate the far more completed analysis. It’s finally over! Just by doing that you can know so many keywords difficulty level at once.